Bhimani and Draeger Visit Morris County School of Technology, Call for Fully Funding Public Schools

MORRISTOWN -- Dr. Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger toured the Morris County School of Technology and renewed their commitment to fully funding New Jersey’s public schools. 

“The School of Technology is pioneering hands-on teaching strategies that allow students to gain practical skills and experience in their fields of choice,” said Bhimani. “We need to prepare our students for the high-tech jobs of the 21st century. That means continuing to invest and bringing these STEM learning opportunities to all of our students.”

The school’s Academy for Mathematics, Science and Engineering was ranked second in the country in 2016 and is a model for technical programs across the nation.

“VOTEC shows the incredible outcomes educators can accomplish when they have the resources they need. It’s critical we fully fund all of our public schools and invest in the future of every student.”

School funding has become a major issue early on in the campaign and one that the candidates are proud to champion.

“Consistently rated among the best in the nation, our public schools are why people choose to raise their families in New Jersey. But time after time, our representatives have failed to follow through on their commitments and taxpayers are left to shoulder the burden,” said Draeger. “Lisa and I will bring new perspectives to Trenton and do everything in our power to fight for the full funding our students deserve.”