New Jersey faces an affordability crisis and we desperately need innovative problem solvers now more than ever.

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Meet Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger

The new leaders who will be on our side for real change.

We’re running for Assembly to bring new ideas and fresh approaches to the State Capitol. To change Trenton, we need to change the type of people we send there.
— Lisa Bhimani

Dr. Lisa Bhimani
for Assembly

A doctor and OB/GYN, Lisa has dedicated her career to providing patients with quality healthcare and fighting to keep care affordable for everyone. She faced the challenges of our healthcare system during an extended battle with Lyme Disease, and she knows first-hand that too many families are just one healthcare emergency away from disaster. She’ll use her expertise to reduce costs and ensure everyone has access to the care they need.

Lisa lives in Mendham with her husband, Anish, and their kids, Nick and Bella.


Darcy Draeger
for Assembly

A regulatory analyst with more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, Darcy knows how to rein in wasteful spending and invest responsibly in our communities. As a small business owner herself, she knows what it takes to balance a budget. She’ll restore accountability to Trenton and use creative solutions to reduce our property tax burden and revitalize our local economy.

Today, Darcy runs a small farm in Chester Township, where she and her husband Bob raise livestock, honey bees, and their two kids, Elinor and Harry.

Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger are tired of politics as usual in New Jersey.

Middle-class families are being hit on every front: stagnant wages, skyrocketing taxes, exorbitant health care costs.

Bhimani and Draeger will fight to:

  • Reduce our property tax burden and work for real structural reforms to reduce government spending

  • Increase access to quality healthcare, protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and lower the cost of prescriptions drugs

  • Revitalize our economy and bring businesses and high-paying jobs to our communities

  • Modernize NJ Transit to reduce congestion and provide commuters with safe and reliable trips

We’ll create common-sense policy that supports the middle class and makes New Jersey an affordable place to live. Our communities are ready for change.
— Darcy Draeger

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