We’re tired of politics as usual in New Jersey.


Middle-class families are being hit on every front: stagnant wages, skyrocketing taxes, exorbitant health care costs. But too often when we look to our representatives in Trenton we see special interests and partisan bickering put ahead of the needs of every day people.

It’s time for change. This campaign isn’t about partisanship or politics, it’s about standing up and doing what’s right for New Jersey families. That means common-sense solutions to reduce our property tax burden, revitalize our economy, increase access to affordable health care, and modernize NJ Transit.

We’re not politicians. We’re creative-thinkers with real world experience solving the issues that matter most. We’ll work across the aisle to finally get things done.


What We’re Fighting For

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Our Supporters


REP. Mikie sherrilL

“We need to continue to make our case, year after year, to carry on the momentum.

Lisa and Darcy couldn’t be more perfect for this role.”


Rep. Tom Malinowski

“Let’s treat what we accomplished together in 2018 as an opening act and keep this momentum going.

I couldn’t be more proud to call Lisa and Darcy my friends, my allies—and if we do our jobs—my colleagues.”

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